• Silver-plated necklaces with coin pendant and Preciosa crystals
  • The elegant jewellery oozes edge and femininity
  • The necklace is a 2-in-1 set and measures 45 + 9 cm and 40 + 9 cm
  • The mix of coin pendant and crystals creates beauty
  • A beautiful necklace for the elegant and sophisticated woman

Stunning silver-plated 2-in-1 set of necklaces in a feminine and elegant design. The dainty coin pendant has a hammered, textured and raw surface which, in combination with the chain adorned with crystals, creates a magical and eye-catching look. You get two wonderful necklaces with feminine vibes that combine the cool look with the more elegant look in the most beautiful way. The necklaces measure 45 cm + 9 cm and 40 cm + 9 cm.

PILGRIM: Necklace Compassion