A rich and creamy gourmand fragrance combining the delicious aroma of fresh tropical coconut with a maple and vanilla infusion.

These Wax melts are individually hand poured and Made in Britain.


Melt time: up to 60 hours

Dimensions: approx. 7.5 cm (w) x 15 cm (l) x 1.5 cm (d)

Made in: the little fishing village of Flookburgh in Cumbria.

Other: Fine fragranced wax tablet containing 18 melt cubes. Our artisan wax melts are vegan friendly and our fragrances are not tested on animals. All our wax melts are made by hand with each tablet individually hand poured.

To get the best from your wax melts: Suitable for use with tea light oil burners and electric melt burners. Break off one or two melt cubes from the tablet, place in the warmer or burner and allow the fine fragrance to fill the room as the wax slowly melts.

Caribbean Coconut